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Trailers Master Trading Company was established as part of the (Sons of Nayef Al-Khatib) group in Syria. It is a specialized company in the manufacturing of trailers and semi-trailers. The company's expansion reflects this rich heritage in the field of engineering and manufacturing.

Our team has managed a company in Qatar for 8 years under the name "Elegancia Group (Elegancia Steel)." During this time, they successfully executed important projects such as the reinforcement of the Marriott Hotel construction, the Lusail Sky Bridge, Baladna Farm Phase 2 project, and The View Hospital. These significant experiences have demonstrated the company's capability to undertake complex projects from 2015 to 2023.

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Our services rely on high expertise, continuous innovation, and dedication to ensure consistent fulfillment of your needs in the field of trailer manufacturing.

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We distinguish ourselves with a high level of professionalism in delivering our services. Our extensive history in trailer manufacturing and engineering project management reflects our ability to efficiently and effectively handle complex projects.


We are pioneers in providing innovative solutions in the trailer manufacturing industry, combining modern technology with our extensive expertise to achieve the best results.


We are characterized by a strong commitment to our clients, striving to provide invaluable services with a focus on meeting the desires and needs of our customers.

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